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In the summer of 2014 ,on an impulsive moment of excitement I decided finally go for what I’ve always really wanted to do... And so the idea for a project under the title “The Soul Within” was born!!

I made a few phone calls to some friends, also musicians and soon a lovely team was formed whose common denominator is our pure love for music... Exceptional, well known to the Athenian public and musical industry musicians, conspire to put together a range of well loved songs along with new original tracks by Marianna Seas.

What started out as a dream has now taken wings. The past two years I have been presenting “The Soul Within” project which has made its way through several live venues and festivals in the heart of Athens.

Our journey has begun through these live shows. As for the dates, make sure to catch us at a venue near you. For more information visit my official facebook page which I keep updated.

Lead Vocalist: Marianna Seas.
Drums: Dimitris Skouras.
Bass: George Sotis.
Guitar: Fotis Delinikolas.
Piano/Keys: Nikolas Wastor.
Backing Vocalist: Elena Fornaro.
Sound Engineer: Sofoklis Pappas.

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